About SGAG

Learn and play at the same time. Our game offers you a unique possibility to connect playing and learning in a fun way.
SGAG (Skill Generator Assessment Game) is an innovative tool to improve your soft skills which you already have and learn some new one.

The main skills you will use in the Game are:

- Time management
- Communication
- Problem solving
- The use and aims of sustainable business / entrepreneurship
- Team work

You have no idea what some of the points above means? Don´t worry! That´s why we also created an E-Learning Course which is, just as the Game, completely for FREE! So you can walk through the E-Course to learn something new and then you strengthen the improvement in the game.

Use this unique opportunity to increase you potential in the matter of your current and also potential new job. Our course will help you with everyday situations as well as job interviews, you can increase the chance for promotion and you can use your newly learned skills while communicating with your superiors (stress management), colleagues (self-management) and subordinates (problem solving).

Due to current labour market changes there is a growing demand from employers for transversal key competences. For example, ICT professionals have to develop skills in marketing or management, services workers have to develop customer-oriented skills and digital literacy, or tourism services professionals have to look for new ways to attract interest by potential clients. That´s the reason why to improve your skills as much as you can. And thanks to our game you will not even notice that you are learning!

All products are created in 6 national languages and also in English.

Last modified: Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 4:21 PM