SGAG Game is a virtual space where learners can test and experiment soft skills. The game form has been selected to offer young people a more engaging experience. The SGAG game is the interactive and the evaluation session of the learning process. While playing, the students can experience and practice the newly acquired abilities and skills and test them in a safe environment.
The practical exercises designed as real life situations, like interacting with a classmate, solve a real problem, plan for completing a complex task, let the players think and reflect on the solution to their quests and are given an immediate feedback to their answers.
The learning objective of the game are perfectly in line with the ones stated for the SGAG e-Course.
At the beginning of the game, players are given a brief and a background to their scenario, which is different for each level. They have to help Tom, the main character, in different tasks and challenges, like meeting and getting to know new colleagues, dealing with a request from a parent, cooperate in a team, planning and getting results.

SGAG e-Course is a modular course, ready to use either as class activities support thus illustrated by a teacher during a class or used for students’ individual study. The e-Course is structured into 5 modules, and each module is then divided into 5 lessons, so to cover the 25 skills selected and presented in the next page.
The modular approach and the division of the skills in different lessons make it easy for an educator to split the modules and use only what they consider more relevant in association with a lesson they are running or a topic they are teaching.
If used entirely, the content requires 5 hours to go through; about 1 hour each Module.
The questions at the end of each lessons can be used for group discussions or individually by the students to review the contents and make sure they tackle the materials correctly.